Manuel Gil and Paco Gómez have designed the special latalog (‘lata’ meaning ‘tin’ in Spanish), which is the exhibition’s official catalog.

The modern tin design evokes the metal containers that our grandparents used to store their photographs. The tin contains a carefully selected collection of 80 photographs from the extensive exhibition archive.

Fourteen of these cards also contain a bonus: a micro-story written by fourteen contemporary authors: Alberto Olmos, Cristina Colmena, Cristina Pato, Eduardo Lago, Kirmen Uribe, Manuel Vilas, María Dueñas, Marina Perezagua, Mateo Sancho, Mercedes Cebrián, Natalia Carrero, and Sara Cordón, as well as the exhibition curators themselves. Along with this moving visual and literary journey, the catalog also includes general information about the exhibition and its content, as well as a short unpublished text by María Dueñas.